This course package includes both the online Security Guard Course and Private Investigator Course and meets the Ministry requirements for both. Once completed, the Student will be eligible to write both exams and apply for their Dual License. Emergency Level First Aid (which is a requirement of the Security Guard Course) is included if the student can attend a class listed here: For those who cannot attend one of these First Aid classes, the student must attain Emergency Level First Aid locally.

Course Curriculum:
Security Guard
  • Module 1: Introduction to the Security Industry
  • Module 2: The Private Security & Investigative Services Act, 2005
  • Module 3: Basic Security Procedures
  • Module 4: Report Writing
  • Module 5: Health and Safety
  • Module 6: Emergency Response Preparation
  • Module 7: Canadian Legal System
  • Module 8: Legal Authorities
  • Module 9: Effective Communications
  • Module 10: Sensitivity Training
  • Module 11: Use of Force Theory
  • Module 12: First Aid
Private Investigator Course
  • Module 1: Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry
  • Module 2: The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct
  • Module 3: Provincial & Federal Statutes
  • Module 4: Criminal & Civil Law
  • Module 5: Investigative Techniques
  • Module 6: Principles of Ethical Reasoning / Decision-Making
  • Module 7: Key Principles of Communication & Interaction
  • Module 8: Self-Management Skills

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