Price: $249.00 CAD + HST

Individualized Training

We believe in training that is practical, hands-on, and immediately useful.  Our undercover loss prevention course provides the student with personalized one-on-one training with some of the best performing loss prevention professionals within Canada.  During this course, the student will gain tremendous hands-on experience, including,

  • Taking part in real-world arrests
  • Working closely with police services
  • Learning how to use CCTV systems
  • Learning the fundamentals of undercover surveillance

The goal of this training is to prepare the student for immediate employment following the completion of the course.

This course involves 40 hours of training. Because all training is one-on-one, flexible training schedules are available, including part time options. Contact us for more information.

A Satisfying Career

Did you know…

  • That there is a shortage of qualified loss prevention professionals in Ontario?
  • That loss prevention careers typically allow more room for advancement than traditional security careers?
  • That loss prevention careers typically have higher wages for entry level positions than uniform security careers?
  • That Delta Security and Safety Services is the only company in Ontario to offer this training?
  • Over 50% of course graduates are given a formal job offer by Delta Security and Safety Services?


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